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Giving made easy at
Saint Sophia

“All must give as they are able, according to the blessings given to them by the Lord your God.”



1.  Give from anywhere using a computer,          tablet, or smartphone.

2.  No need to find a check or stop by
     the ATM.

3.  Use your Checking / Savings Account or       your Debit / Credit Card.

4.  Schedule gifts to occur automatically.

5.  Give to one or more funds at any time.


1.  Reduces administrative work allowing      

    more time to focus on the ministry.

2.  Helps streamline receivables.

3.  Increases stewardship by providing       

     members and guests easier ways to give.

4.  More regular and predictable giving             makes planning easier.



Make a donation directly from our

church website.

Text giving allows quick, easy, one-time donations.


Giving from our church’s

NEW mobile app.

1.  Click the GIVE button on our church

     website at:

2.  Enter the amount you want to give, select a       fund, and enter your email address.

3.  Click GIVE and enter your payment method       to complete the transaction.

•  If you have a Realm login, you can login when prompted and complete your transaction or schedule a gift.

1.  Text SAINTSOPHIA to 73256.

2.  Click the link you receive in your text

      message response.

3.  Follow the prompts to give.

Text giving even saves your payment

method so you can quickly give again.

Give from our church’s app:

1.  Search Realm Connect in the app store.

2.  Download the free app and sign in.

3.  Click GIVING at the bottom, then choose MAKE A       GIFT.


Don’t have an account for the app? Contact our church office.

By Mail

Mail form to:
Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church

440 Whitehall Rd. 

Albany, NY 12208

Attention: Stewardship

In Person

Include the contribution in your stewardship envelope and drop off in church on Sunday

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